Mold/injection molding Research Center

Mold/injection molding Research Center
R&D For Improve Customer Value
We deem technology development to improve the value of the customers as priority.
Bumjin Mold / Injection Molding Research Center deems the increase of customer values as the foremost goal to be reached through development of world-class technologies. Bumjin, professionalizing in mold / injection molding for 20 years, is continuously investing and researching to secure top class advanced technologies to benefit the customer values, and growing as the pioneer in technologies in the industry through many patents and new practical ideas, as well as through ceaseless challenging attitude and technology innovations.
Holding Technologies
AIM : Air Injection Molding
Air Technology on mold production / injection molding
Concept Injection molding through regular AIR
Effect Weight decrease, low-pressure molding(increasing the longevity of the mold), improvement of exterior scratches
ATM : Angular Pin Trouble less Mold
Technology to down size the thickness of the mold
Concept Blowdown and injection molding by decreasing the mold stroke and preventing core damage through decreasing the length of the modified ejector pin
Effect Cost saving of mold, downsized machinery
GCIM : Gate Cutting In Mold
Technology for gate cutting production in mold
Concept Manufacturing technology that automatically removes the gate from the inside of the vessel before the formation after injection molding is completed
Effect Delete processing process after completion of Gate
HGM : High Glossy Weld-less Molding
Technology for high gloss mold / injection molding
Concept Injection molding by heating the mold with steam or heater to produce the product with high gloss exterior
Effect : High glossy exterior, removes spray and painting, improvement of the weld-line
HWI : Heavy Wall Injection
Double-shot injection molding of thick products
Concept Injection molding of thicker material through double-shot injection molding technology
Effect Cost saving of producing molds, increase of molding yield, improvement of contraction
MASM : Multi AngleSolution Mold
Technology to remove multi angle under-cuts
Concept To remove the restriction of the under-cut which is shaped in a multi-angular radiating form during product molding and blowdown
Effect Creates various under-cut structures inside the product when molding
Multi 3D Cooling
Technology to create 3D cooling mold
Concept To create molds with 3D cooling instead of 2D on middle-large molds (over 550ton)
Effect Improved cycle time of molding), improvement of local cooling
NPM : Nano Pattern Mold
Technology to form fine patterns
Concept To form fine patterns by applying lithographic technology on the mold instead of standard mechanical processing
Effect Improved quality of appearance, removal of high gloss lapping/etching, etc
NTPM : No Taper No Partition Mold
Non-slope mold / injection molding
Concept To produce zero sloped product without the application of the slide-core on the exterior of the product
Effect Improved quality of appearance(removal of surface core-line), forming compact, no-slope designs
TCM(ToC) : Two Color Molding
Technology on double shot mold / injection molding
Concept Creating mold and injection molding, using 2Head injection molding device to create dual color or over-molding products
Effect Improved production process(decrease of number of parts), creation of various appearances on the product
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