Vision 2025
Bumjin grows through the companionship of customers and Bumjin’s staffs.
With a goal of 100 Billion KRW by 2025,
Bumjin will discover core business model for 100-year company, develop R&D and infrastructure,
cultivate talent and form pleasant organizational culture to become the mid-size company,
and accomplish the company’s vision through companionship along with customers.
  • Vision
    Bumjin refers to us and entirety of global Bumjin.
    Customer refers to all partners (customers, partners, shareholders, etc.) together with us.
    Bumjin’s staffs are ourselves, main agent of all business, and refers to entire staffs of Bumjin
    Companionship refers to top competitiveness that can impress customers through the execution of core value.
    Grows refers to valuation for pursuit of 100-year company with continuous growth through challenge and innovation, and for happiness of staffs.
  • Core value
    Customer first
    Bumjin prioritizes the best product and service, and creates the culture of customer impression that prioritizes the customers at the center of every value of Bumjin
    Respect for talent and open organization culture
    Bumjin cultivates excellent talents on the idea that the company is built on people, and creates a happy company where precious staffs can spread their passion and dream.
    Challenge and execution
    To overcome the complex global business environment and achieve Bumjin’s vision, Bumjin achieves the goals with distinct ideas that break the existing framework, and relentless passion and creativity.
    Open communication and cooperation
    Bumjin creates synergetic effects for the development of organization through smooth communication between customers, partners, and internal organizations.
    Transparencyㆍethical management
    To become the top company capable of sustainable management, Bumjin forms trust of customers and employees, contributes to the society based on honor and dignity for the company’s policy and management, and practices transparent and ethical management.