The happiness of the employees are the priority.
Bumjin pursues happiness of all employees and their families through providing various benefits.
  • 휴가제도
  • Policy on leave
    · Annual leave (paid)
    · Paid summer leave (3 days)
    · Leaves of congratulations and condolences
  • 학자금 지원
  • Support of educational fees
    · Kindergarten
    · High school
  • 휴양시설
  • Recreational facilities
    · Hanhwa Resort (Sulak, Suanbo, Baekam, Gyeongju, Jiri-mountain, Sanjeong lake, Yangpyeong, Yongin, Daecheon, Haeundae, Chuncheon, Jeju)
  • 문화활동비
  • Support of leisurely activities
    · Payment support to concerts, books, leisure activities, health clubs
  • 포상제도
  • Rewards
    · Invitation of Overseas Modelers
    · Provision of leave and bonuses to selected outstanding employees annually
  • 근무제도
  • Work system
    · Five days a week (Flexible working hours depending on worksites)
    · Closure on legal holidays
    · Provision of laptops and dual monitors
  • 장기근속자 포상
  • Rewards for long-term servicepeople
    · For employees with 5, 10, 15, 20 years of service
    Provision of vacations, memorabilias, vacation bonuses, plaques
  • 성과급 제도(PS)
  • Performance system (PS)
    · Payment of bonuses depending on job performance
  • 기타지원
  • Additional benefits
    · Support for employee's expenses for congratulations and condolences
    · the management employee mutual aid society
    · Futsal field, employee rest area, rooftop garden