Ethice Management

1. Maximize shareholder profit

①The Company shall protect the rights of shareholders and strive to maximize shareholder profits.

②The company shall disclose its business information such as business contents and business activity status to shareholders and relevant in accordance with the related laws and regulations.

2. Customer Satisfaction

①We put customer satisfaction as the highest priority and pursue customer value management with the best quality and service.

②We do not disclose information related to the customer to others or use it for other purposes without prior approval from the customer.

3. Fair Transaction with Suppliers

①Partner companies should be treated fair in all transactions with mutually equal partnership.

②We do not take any form of unfair conduct by using superior position,

③We actively support our partner companies in their competitiveness and work together with partners to create a clean and transparent trading environment,

4. Compliance and Dignity Management

①Comply with all laws and regulations of domestic and foreign countries that conduct business and conduct business by respecting their commercial customs.

②Contributes to the development of the community by fulfilling its responsibilities and obligations as a member of society and business.

5. Social responsibility

①Do not use nor contain substances harmful to human health and environment during product development and production.

②Produce products in compliance with international standards and internal regulations related to the safety.

③Actively support environmental education and its management activities of employees and suppliers.

6. Responsibilities to the employees and their duties

①The company makes a work environment that allows free and creative work, and provides a safe and comfortable workplace.

②The company provides fair opportunities for employees to improve their abilities, and does not discriminate based on academic background, gender, age, and area,

③he company strives to co-develop with employees and to enhance the competence.

④The company respects the private life of the individual and creates a mature organizational culture based on mutual trust and understanding unless it hinders the morality of the company.

⑤Employees have pride and self-respect as a member of the organization and always act in honest and fair attitude.

⑥Executives and employees shall do their best with a thorough understanding of the laws and regulations of the company in a legal and ethical manner.

⑦Employees shall establish a sound organizational culture between the upper and lower, colleagues, men and women, and promote a cooperative labor-management culture.

⑧mployees shall not engage in any illegal activities such as receiving money, entertainment, hospitality, or convenience directly or indirectly from a business partner or its related.

⑨Employees shall not engage in sexual harassment or acts such as profanity, slander, negative prejudice, or hostile language to their bosses, colleagues, or subordinates.

⑩Employees shall not disclose internal information such as intellectual property rights, sales and personal information of the company to the outside without prior approval of the company at the time of service or retirement.

⑪Executives and employees shall fully protect the property of the company and shall refrain from using it for any purpose other than business.

⑫Employees should not disclose information of customers nor partners to the third parties without prior consent.