Terms and Conditions

This Terms and Conditions regulates general subjects related to conditions of use and management of all services (from hereafter, "services") provided by Bumjin(from hereafter "the website")
Article 1 (Registration)

① The services are allowed for use after clicking the "Agree" button on top of the Terms and Conditions and registering for its services.

② The user wishing to use the services must fill in the personal information requested by the service.

Article 2 (Provision of Services)

① The service is provided immediately after the approval of the registration request.

② The services can be used 24 hours a day, all year without stoppage, unless special occasion in managing the business occur during the Lunar New Year
But, this excludes prior notified dates or hours for regular maintenance.

Article 3 (Suspension of Provision of Services)

The services may be suspended or restricted under below circumstances.

① In case of national emergencies or other irresistible force such as natural disasters

② In case the telecommunications service provider regulated by the Telecommunications Business Act stops providing their service

③ In case of repair, maintenance, or impairment of equipment for services.

④ In case of restrictions caused by congestion of user traffic in the service

⑤ In case of other causes to limit the provision of services on the website

Article 4 (User ID Management)

① All responsibilities of managing user ID and password are held by the user.

② All responsibilities of negligence resulting from the ID and password, and wrongful use by a 3rd party are held by the user.

Article 5 (Restriction of Use)

The ID of the user may be cancelled for the below actions.

① In case of false registrations

② In case of registrations with the purpose to diminish public order and traditional customs

③ In case of duplicate registrations (deletion)

④ In case of registrations with a false name

⑤ In case of affiliations of criminal acts

⑥ In case of illegitimate of ID and Password of another person

⑦ In case of disadvantages and defamations caused to another person

⑧ In case of non-use of registered e-mail address for 6 months

⑨ In case of acts that may cause obstructions to stable management of services

⑩ In case of acts that infringe related laws or requirements for use are not met

Article 6 (Contents of E-mails)

① Responsibilities regarding the contents of the e-mails are held by the user, and the user may not send obscene or rebellious material or send spam mails, or any contents that infringe upon the rights of other persons or harm traditional customs.

② All contents of the e-mail are saved in the server. Important mails must be downloaded onto the PC for stable management of the mails. Lost mails are not to be held responsible by the website.

③ The website may restrict e-mail storage capacity, capacity of individual e-mail, and storage dates for efficient management of services

Article 7 (Obligations)

① This website shall not disclose any personal information known to it through provision of services to a third party, unless under below circumstances regulated as Clause 1.

⑴ In case of requests from relevant institutions under relevant laws for investigation purposes

⑵ In case of requests from Korea Internet Safety Commission

⑶ In case of regulations by other relevant laws

② For uses limited to Clause ①, the website may create and use statistical data related to all or part of personal data or part or all of its users, and may provide the various information by methods such as electronic mail or by letter in cases deemed necessary during the use of the service.

③ The user must abide by the cautions and guidance for user of the service regulated by the law or this regulation.

④ Online notifications will be made in case of modified or added contents on the service.

⑤ The user may modify details written in the application for use, by online means or through telephone.

⑥ The user may not practice any acts listed in Article 6 related to the user of services.

Article 8 (Restriction of Transfer)

The user may not sell or transfer the provided ID.

Article 9 (Immunity)

① The website is exempt from responsibility for stoppage of services in cases of natural disasters or other irresistible forces.

② The website is not responsible for obstruction of use of services caused by the user's imputations.

③ The website is not responsible for possible profits expected by the user, nor for losses caused by using the services.

④ The website is not responsible for details regarding information, data, and the credibility and accuracy of the contents published by the user.

⑤ 이The user must indemnify all losses incurred by the website through the user's breach of Article 8, or any other articles of this regulation, in case the acts impose burden of responsibility on the user or another party, causing losses to the website, and must exempt the websites from those losses.

Article 10 (Other Regulations)

Matters not discussed on this provision are regulated by Framework Act on Telecommunications, Telecommunications Business Act, or other relevant laws.

Article 11 (Date of Enforcement)

① The provision is enforced on users of all services from May 1st, 2019.

② Users registered before the enforcement date are also subject to the provision.