Privacy Policy

Bumjin (from hereafter 'the Company') values the customer's private information, and abides by the laws regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information. The Company notifies the customers on the measures taken to protect their private information, and on the means and purposes of the use of the information provided by the user.

In cases of modifications in the Privacy Policy, notifications will be made on the website(or through individual notifications).

○ This policy is enforced from May 1st, 2019
■ Collected Private Information
The Company collects the below private information for uses such as registration for membership, consultations, and registration for services.

○Collected information : Name, date of birth, login ID, password, home telephone number, home address, mobile phone number, e-mail, occupation, social security number, nickname

○Method of collection : Website (Membership registration)

■ The Purpose of Collection and Use of Private Information
The Company uses the private informations collected for the below purposes.

○ Management of members - Verification and identification of individuals due to the services provided under membership

■ The Duration of Use and Storage of the Private Information
The Company immediately annuls the relevant information without exception after the purpose of collection and use of private information have been fulfilled.